New Dawn

The sun arises on this barren land

Plagued by negativity

The darkest forces rage and howl

Convinced of their supremacy

But as the rays of light grow strong

Emerge the seeds of love long sown

Their tiny shots being to rise

As the divine creators cast their eyes

Around the Earth truth grows strong

Announcing to all a brand new dawn

My Prayer

I wish the Earth to be

A place for people like you and me

Where lessons are learnt throughout our life

But all in balance not in strife

Where children are loved, valued and protected

Their future bright as they expected

With challenges many, but pleasures too

And a love of nature by all, not a few

Where dolphins play and oceans sing

And fairies dance in a fairy ring

Where compassion guides our every act

And honesty signs every pact

Where no-one goes unloved, unheard

And everyone knows there’s no such thing as dead

Where goodness flows like a river clear

Refreshing, replenishing everything near

This is the world I’d like to know

And love is the seed that we must sow

To reap the harvest in a future not far

Making the Earth a much brighter star


With butterfly wings spirit guides us

Gentle, caring, loving, sharing

Always with us ever true

Just awaiting a sign from you

Busy, worried always hurried

Life’s a challenge keeping all in balance

So seek the peace within yourself

Journey onwards, outwards, upwards,

Beyond the trivialities of everyday banalities

Transcend the heavy energies of so much negativity

Reach the stars, travel afar

Discover the truth of all that is good

Mother Earth

The Earth is not our enemy

Let us not forget

She is our Mother

To love and protect

She gives us her bounty

Asking nothing in return

Except for respect

For the future to come

Cherish her beauty

Praise her delights

Rejoice in her wisdom

Through the days and the nights

She shall not forsake us

No matter what our sins

So let us pledge to help her

As this cycle ends

You are all my children

For all the little girls and boys

Who live in fear of others’ ploys

For all the tears that they have shed

Alone at night, afraid in bed

For all the times their love was met

By a hardened heart where no love was kept

For every time their dreams were stolen

Harsh words spoken, bodies broken

I ask you now to make this your goal:

To free the world from hunger and strife

Allowing for all a much better life

To ease the misery, pain and distress

Of all the children in need of caress

To place before personal need

The vow sincere to put an end to greed

To raise above the limitations imposed

A higher order where we have no foes

Love goes on forever

The most beautiful lesson

I ever learnt

Is that love from the past

Is never spent

Each life you’ve had

Whether here or afar

Allows you the chance

To grow bright like a star

And the love you show

Will go on and grow

Lighting your path

In the eternal aftermath

A brand new day

I’ve walked this path a thousand times

And yet I return again

To meet its numerous twists and turns

And arduous uphill grain

Each time I start, afresh and bright

Convinced of my command

All I see around me is a familiar, common land

But as I walk it surprises me

That each stone along the way

Reminds me not of the time before

But that today’s a brand new day

The trees, the hills, the sky above

Tell me something new

With each sunrise a chance is born

As sweet as morning dew