Never Give Up

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Whatever your dreams may be do not lose sight of them. Keep focussed and know that when you are it is only a matter of time before they will be realized. All of the universe will conspire to bring to you what you truly wish for but the key is not to
keep changing your mind! I have often heard friends complaining that nothing ever works for them. that they have tried everything. However where you ask about what they are aiming for you realize that the goalposts change every other week.
Confusing thought patterns bring confusion into your life. So sort your head out first and take note of the way you are thinking and write down your thoughts so you become aware of how you create your own reality.
I am reminded that “dreams come true” when I think of my son. He embarked on a summer “work away” trip a few years ago. starting in Romania with very little money and not really knowing where he’d go next. His goal was Milan for a mega concert of his favourite band. From working on a Romanian farm he went to Athens to work in a backpackers hostel after which good fortune. or focussed t1inking took him to northern Italy to a spiritual retreat just in time to finish work a few weeks later for that concert of his dreams. He got what he wanted. a front row place at the event of a lifetime. He had to do it alone. but he did it! He did it because he did not lose sight of what he wanted and because he trusted that he could.

I am working with that trust too and accepting that “time” and “patience” are the keys. Just because something does not happen tomorrow does not mean it is not going to. I am often reminded by my guides that my “dish” has been ordered and that it is simply a case of waiting until it is brought to me. That does not mean to say you sit forever doing nothing. When you think about it lives are made up of many dreams. some big. some small. Whilst waiting for the bigger ones to be realized you can get on with the smaller ones, which could simply be going for a walk, enjoying breakfast, meeting with friends. anything that keeps you content and in a good place for positive thinking and creativity.

Yesterday I realized how fortunate I was as I sat way up high. perched on a rock overlooking the Guadalhorce Valley where I live. Surrounded by beauty and birdsong I wanted for nothing else. The strenuous walk had been well worth it. I’d thought of giving up halfway but pushed on and was rewarded for my efforts. There was no one else around and I truly felt on top of the world. And I still do for I understand that this is my dream come true and just as I realized this one, then my other dreams are on their way too, as long as I still want them and keep space in my thoughts for them to come to fruition.