Excerpts from Return of Truth

Chapter 1

Despite their best efforts to control the general population, the powers that be (those that are behind the multinational conglomerates and financial institutions that practically rule the world) are now challenged by the vast amount of information that is being made available to reveal the truth as part of the spiritual plan for the Earth and humanity. As well as the release of official documents belonging to once secret societies, such as the Rosicrucians or the Knights Templar, books, films and TV series like the Pillars of the Earth, Da Vinci’s Demons, the Borgias and many others are helping people to question the validity of the history they’ve been taught but in particular with regard to religion and monarchy, which for centuries have been used against and to control the general population. Religion, for example, has claimed for hundreds of years to have the answers to what we are doing here and insisted on obedience to its rules often under penalty of death if we didn’t comply.

Chapter 2

Since we are all different being true to oneself means something different to each of us, but in these special times we are receiving immense help from other dimensions to assist in our awakening and so, once we start on the pathway of true realization we will become aware of signs, or coincidences which, if we take note of them, will multiply. We will find ourselves being drawn to read certain things that will literally resonate with our whole being, to the extent of experiencing tingling sensations when something is of major importance to our understanding of who we are and why we are here. We will meet people that we feel we have known forever and we will find ourselves drawn to places or experiences that fill us with love and joy. It is a beautiful pathway and it comes highly recommended by all of us already enjoying the experience; it’s like walking on a red carpet that gradually unfurls with each step you take to become the star of your own wonderful life.

Chapter 3

As we break the ties with the past and all that has conditioned us many people are finding that they are gravitating towards those of like-mind with whom they share the same ideals. Whereas in the past we were inclined to say “opposites attract” now it is more about affinity. Due to this many couples are breaking up as they come to terms with the fact that they are no longer attracted to one another and that they have nothing in common. As some move more quickly into the New Age than others, at times the gulf between may seem immense. It may appear that we are living in different realities. This will become more the case as those able to raise their vibration through letting go of the past and embracing all the New Age offers, create for themselves the world they want to live in, whilst those that remain through fear or obstinacy in the past may find their world to be bleak and insecure. In a sense, this has always been the case. Positive thinkers have often been perceived as “lucky” and yet others may have had the same opportunities but been simply too afraid to make the most of them.

Chapter 4

In these times of great confusion with vast amounts of information available to us, most of us would greatly benefit from a “direct line” that allows us answers to our questions and guidance where needed. It is not that our spirit guides are going to do the work for us. We still continue to exercise our free-will, but we can receive assistance to ensure that we remain on the path that we, as souls, have chosen. No matter how difficult it is to believe, we generally choose the experiences that are affecting us. However, we can also choose to be free of them. Once we know what the purpose is, then we are better able to evaluate whether or not we wish to continue. If we have learned the lesson we chose to learn whilst still in spirit before being born, then we can move on to something else. However, a series of upsets and seeming “bad luck” may be due to disregarding your guide’s assistance by ignoring your true feelings, intuitions etc and ending up on a totally different path to the one you had planned.

Chapter 5

Every part of creation on Earth has its “guardians”; from the forests to the rivers, from the oceans to the mountains. Every plant, every tree and every living organism no matter how tiny is cherished and protected by Soul Group Earth. Our beautiful planet is an important part of Creation, in a sense it is like a Universal Encyclopaedia and that is why there is such a huge range of species in a large variety of ecosystems. It is also a wonderful school of learning, where souls can enjoy a great array of experiences in a relatively short period of time. Therefore it offers the possibility of great soul advancement. Whilst most humans are individual souls (there can be exceptions where two souls share the same body) the majority of animals belong to a group soul, with a few exceptions such as dolphins, whales and elephants.

Chapter 6

From today’s perspective it may seem surprising that Catholicism achieved such a huge following. Who would want to belong to a club that punishes its members from birth, constantly chastises them and for centuries obliged them to pay heavy taxes often under pain of death if they didn’t comply? And ultimately the Church caused men and women to become enemies as women were scorned and belittled as temptresses bent on seducing men and causing them to sin. Obliged to cover their hair in church soon every part of a woman was considered “unworthy” by the fathers of the faith who condemned any independently-minded woman to ostracism and from the times of the Inquisition onwards to burning at the stake for simply retaining the knowledge of healing and spirit communication that was her birth right. We talk about terrorism today, but never was there such a force of terror as that of the Inquisition which destroyed the essence of every culture that struggled to retain a sense of oneness with all life through its ancestral customs and rituals. It was not only women who were murdered on trumped up charges of being witches, many supposed male “accomplices” were burnt with them. It was a time, similar to the Cultural Revolution in China, when neighbour denounced neighbour and the worst of humankind came to the fore encouraged by a corrupt and cruel male hierarchy who committed these deplorable deeds in the name of God.

Chapter 7

In Atlantis the use of crystals, such as clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, etc, was extensive. Today crystals are frequently used in industry and their healing properties are also becoming more widely recognized, but in Atlantis their importance was immense. Some of them were brought from other star systems such as Arcturus or Sirius and played an important role, being responsible for a sophisticated power grid providing energy for homes, work places and public buildings. The temples were beautiful works of sacred geometry with pyramids and domes featuring prominently to amplify connection with other dimensions. Each had a specific function ranging from healing, to knowledge, to transportation, to control of weather patterns and tides. The crystalline power grid was managed by a priesthood of scientists who were very high beings of great purity and longevity. Some of them have had later reincarnations in which memories from those times and their ability to connect with other dimensions played a crucial role. These include Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and Nicola Tesla.

Chapter 8

Travel between planets and to different galaxies is quite common for many of our ET friends who have at their disposal technology far in advance of anything on Earth at this time. On many planets souls simply arrive, rather than being born and adopt the form they wish for that incarnation (appropriate to the conditions on that planet) though many of them are more than able to shapeshift as and when they please. Likewise when they decide they have learned enough they simply remove their energy from the body created and return to the spirit realms. In comparison with life on Earth life elsewhere seems less challenging as often the connection with the spirit realms remains open throughout the whole lifetime with no need to “pierce the veil” in order to make sense of things.

Chapter 9

Just as the Earth is able to regenerate herself despite the toxins being pumped in and around her and is still able to provide sustenance for animals and humans alike, we too can adapt our bodies to changing circumstances, even those that are quite adverse. However, as occurred with the First Peoples of America who were practically wiped out by the diseases brought to them by the Europeans having had no time to build their natural defences against them, so too we find in the modern world our immune systems are constantly under bombardment and we have no sooner adapted to one big change when another is being thrown at us. These include all kinds of potentially dangerous practices such as the use of microwave ovens, mobiles phones and the consumption of a myriad of toxic substances which are found in the air, in the food chain and in the water supply.

Chapter 10

We do not lose our individuality and the soul that we are is always able to present itself in any of the many different “disguises” it has donned in order to experience life. What that means is, even if your loved ones you believe to be in spirit have reincarnated on the Earth or elsewhere by the time of your return, they will still appear to you and welcome you Home because they choose to. The bonds of love are never broken and that is perhaps the most important thing we need to understand in order to overcome the fear of death or the worries about leaving our loved ones on the Earth. We will all continue our journeys with greater awareness and understanding after evaluating our lives in the spirit realms with the help of beings of Light equipped for the task, but we will still be able to reach out to those that we have loved and we will still be able to watch over them and even at times guide them. There is no great separation and truly there is no death.

Chapter 11

Through the ages what is possible or impossible has changed greatly. Not that long ago at the dawn of television, for example, some people were inclined to talk back to the TV set because they couldn’t comprehend how someone could be talking to them from inside a box without being there. It’s similar to the tale of the genie in the bottle; simply holographic technology belonging to more advanced beings from other planets explained in a way people of the time could understand. Today’s technology may seem greatly advanced but why is it then that we use electricity produced at great expense to the environment and to our pockets to make our appliances function? Many of our spirit and ET friends have expressed dismay at the use of nuclear and fossil fuels when we could produce energy almost free of charge using natural means as Nicola Tesla explained to us when he visited in October 2007:

Chapter 12

Though it may seem otherwise, all is controlled and all is overseen by beings of Light who would be considered gods by the majority of humankind; but they are souls as we are who have transcended the trap of ego and evolved to a state in which they no longer require physical bodies with which to manifest themselves, but rather join together with other like minded souls in order to become creators of realities far beyond those which most humans are able to imagine. Though they may seem godlike in their abilities they do on occasion, in acts of service and on missions of special importance, don whichever “costume” is suitable and incarnate on the Earth or other planets as required. In these times there are many such spiritual teachers on the Earth, most of them heavily disguised but some of them gradually coming out to speak their truths as the energies begin to change and humankind finally awakens to a new reality. Many revered historical figures have returned for these special times though you would never guess that the quiet, unassuming primary teacher was once a great literary genius or that the housewife next door was once a renowned warrior queen. Indeed you too may have been one such historical figure. However, it is not so much who you were, but who you ARE and what you do with that knowledge that matters now.