Return of Truth

This book is a compilation of diverse information received during the course of weekly spiritual meetings (séances) in which contact was made with beings from different spheres of existence, including elemental and spirit beings and ETs from different planets.

Their concerns for the Earth and humankind motivated its writing which began with a series of poems that serve to introduce each chapter. Its purpose is to inspire people to undertake their own personal revolution in these times of great positive change for our planet as one cycle ends and another begins.

In order to embrace the New Age it is necessary to understand to what extent the majority of humankind for thousands of years has been controlled by an elite order whose time on Earth is now coming to an end.

The book takes us from the times of Atlantis to the present day and discusses the advantages of meditation, healing and positive thinking, among other subjects.

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Introduction: Through the ages wisdom has been retained by groups of people joining together to receive communication from beings from other dimensions. As the Earth hovered on the brink of destruction brought about by a nuclear holocaust the Inter-Planetary Council considered it was necessary to intervene and has worked with Light workers on the ground to ensure the future of the planet and humankind.

1: Changing the world one thing at a time.

Just as an alcoholic has to admit to having a drink problem before it can be resolved, so too many of us need to reconsider what we’ve been taught in order to better understand what is happening now. The New Age is beginning and it’s time to let go of all that has conditioned us for centuries and kept us apart from our fellow men, our Star brethren and the elemental beings that work tirelessly to hold our planet together.

2: To thine own self be true.

Spiritual teaching throughout the ages has advised us of the need to know ourselves in order to better understand why we are here. We choose our own lessons before incarnating and are neither punished nor condemned by “God” for getting it wrong or changing the script.

3: The New Age.

This chapter explains some of the changes that are happening as we enter into the New Age. It helps to dispel fear and encourages us to overcome our limitations in order to joyously become part of “the greatest evolutionary experiment ever undertaken”.

4: Meditation.

You don’t have to sit in the lotus position to meditate! Get comfortable and then just relax. However, the purpose of meditation isn’t simply to relax but to open up channels to higher communication.

5: Mother Earth.

Once we all knew how important it was to care for the Earth and joined in ceremonies giving thanks for the many blessings She bestows upon us. Enjoy the gentle, loving communications of elves, mermaids, dolphins and other representatives of Soul Group Earth.

6: The Loss of the Divine Feminine.

In the times of Atlantis Priestesses were responsible for holding the balance of energies in order to ensure prosperity and well-being for all manifestations of life. Since the Fall of Atlantis women have been subjugated by religion. The feminine values of compassion and nurture and gifts of intuition and connection with ancestral knowledge have been ignored or deliberately removed from public life.

7: The Civilization of Atlantis.

It was suggested by Edgar Cayce, known as the “sleeping prophet” that more than half the population of his time had had lives in Atlantis. Today that figure may be even higher. Discover what made the Golden Age of Atlantis a blueprint for the future of life on Earth.

8: We are not alone.

Communication with beings from other planets is nothing knew it’s just that in the Bible they were called angels. Many have come to assist us at this special time; from Sirius, Mars, Arcturius…under the auspices of the Galactic Federation they are here and making themselves known.

9: Healing and Health.

It may seem at times that the odds are stacked against us: Killer viruses, chemtrails, GM foods, additives, Hartman lines… A few tips on what you can do to keep body and mind healthy from a team of spirit doctors.

10: You can’t die for the Life of You.

Testimonies of passing and accounts of life in the spirit realms to help us awaken to the idea of eternal life. The loving bonds are never broken and we may choose to journey many times with the same soul friends.

11: Spiritual Science.

There is no opposition between Spirituality and Science; quite the opposite. Read the words of Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla and Oliver Lodge all working from the spirit realms to assist and inspire us.

12: Knowledge will set us Free.

This chapter endeavours to shed light on some of the mysteries that have kept us guessing for years, from the Pyramids to the Holy Grail and the Mona Lisa. It explains why spiritualism has been condemned even though some of our most admired historical figures were mediums.


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