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Alhana de la Torre was born and educated in Scotland before moving to Andalusia, Spain over 30 years ago.

After a career as a teacher and translator she began an intense process of spiritual transformation when she joined the remarkable spiritualist circle mentioned in Return of Truth.

As well as developing her channeling and healing abilities, after seven years of dedication she was asked by Soul Unity (the group’s spiritual family) to “spread the message well”.

This she is now doing with the publication of her book and her willingness to share spiritual teachings in any forum with talks in English and Spanish and participation in spiritual retreats, group meditations and development work focussed on self-empowerment.

Her personal motto is “Never Give Up” and after many lifetimes of service to the Light she is fully committed to the return of Love, Peace and Joy to the Earth in this New Age of Enlightenment.


I feel immensely privileged to work with the beautiful energies of my guides to help people understand their life´s purpose and enable them to overcome any difficulties they may be experiencing. I have been touched by the many messages of gratitude when people have understood that there is no judgement, that they choose the lessons they are faced with and that each and every one of us is accompanied throughout the whole of our life by a “guardian angel” whose sole purpose is to assist us on our journey.

I`ve witnessed the healing effect the readings have on people and have been assured on many occasions that they have been life-changing. Often tears are shed when difficulties are acknowledged and loving praise given for dealing with them. This release of emotion often triggers a new beginning and a desire to grow in self-love and realization, becoming the best possible representative of one`s true self on Earth.

As the world around us changes and Mother Earth cleanses, many people are being challenged in their lives: relationship problems, ill health, inability to deal with stress, a sense of futility…. The list is endless and yet this is part of the transformation process that will lead us into a New Dawn in which the whole of humanity will once more acknowledge our common origin and destiny.

Healing is now playing a major part in this transformation and can take many forms; from meditation, yoga and tai chi to the use of crystals, singing bowls and voice therapy. Also dietary advice plays an important role and the use of natural remedies such as Bach Flowers. Trusting my intuition I use whatever methods spirit makes available to me and am honoured to work with others to bring about the necessary balancing of energies to promote good physical, mental and spiritual health.

As part of this much needed healing process I`ve been involved in spiritual cleansing in different areas, including the removal of entities from people diagnosed with depression and other illnesses. Many homes also have other worldly presences, which are not necessarily bad, but if they affect the lives of those living in them then it`s better to ensure they return to the Light.

Another area of my work that I greatly enjoy is empowering others to do as I do: to heal or to channel in order to help others around them. Often they are surprised at how easy it can be. The key is to accept that it IS possible. We all have a purpose in this life and I love helping others to find theirs. No matter what your line of work may be, you can carry it out in a spiritual way by living in awareness and using your intuition to your own and others` advantage.

My spiritual family “Soul Unity” commissioned me to write Return of Truth as a means of presenting a wide variety of information to assist in the “awakening” process that`s happening around the globe. With chapters on Atlantis, contact with ETs, Healing, Meditation and much, much more, I`m sure everyone will find something of interest that makes them want to enquire more. When a light goes on that`s the beginning of a beautiful journey…


“Alhana is a lady with a gift, who will make you feel calm and serene, but guides you in the direction you wish to take with your life. She has given me amazing insight into my life and accurate personal details about my children and myself. Recently she has been at hand to help with a spirit that my son was seeing and helped the spirit cross over. She is down to earth and has a wonderful positive energy which is contagious! I highly recommend Alhana if you are seeking spiritual help or advice”. Sarah Jane Way.

“Alhana is a gifted and intuitive light worker. The reading she did for me was an eye opener. One of the things I particularly loved is that she allows time to answer any questions you may have and to impart her knowledge, which is vast! I have also been privileged to have healing from Alhana and she immediately honed in to my left kidney. She had no idea that I have had challenges with this kidney, 6 infections, the last one of which put me in hospital! Even without an infection I regularly have pain and since the healing with Alhana I have been pain free!!” Tracy Mellor

The first time I met Alhana I was struck by the beautiful aura that surrounds her and by the warmth and kindness that resonate from her. The tranquil way in which her words trickle out calmly and evenly is totally captivating. You want to listen all day. .
I felt totally at ease during my readings and healing. The information given was so accurate and at times almost surreal. It has enhanced me so much in my journey. Alhana is always positive, genuine and encouraging. She has given readings for my children which helped immensely in the understanding and recovery from illness.

Alhana has also helped by giving the names of certain Bach flower remedies for the whole family which have been very accurate and helped a great deal. She is so generous with her time that you never feel rushed.

A must read is Alhana`s book Return of Truth. It`s a real page turner and wrote in a very down to earth manner, which is easy to grasp. It opens your mind to things you may never have considered and gives acknowledgement to issues you believed to be true but were told they were in your mind or just your imagination.

Amanda Jane Samways

Acknowledgements for readings done via e-mail

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!I am crying with gratitude, relief and happiness. Thank you so much, you are such a beam of bright light.

Sending you all my Love and Light,

Karina xxx

Thanks Alhana. That was a lovely message. I cried when I read it. Life is very trying. I did really appreciate the reading, I feel a lot stronger already.

Sue xx

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely reading from my spirit guides. It´s helping me deal with the difficulties in my life at this time. You`re doing a wonderful job and a lot of good.

With affection and admiration


Thank you so much. I am deeply grateful for your kind words and support. I will do my very best to seek out the positive messages and lessons that are along my journey.

Love, laughter, hope and joy!

Jo xx

If you would like a reading or healing from Alhana

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