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Hold the light

As a lighlbringer. which is the meaning oflhe name A1hana. I tend not to get involved much in politics or commenting on whars happening in the world according to mainstream media. For too long Ive seen people getting worked into a frenzy by the media's biased coverage...

Having difficulty meditating?

When I first got involved in spiritualism I "opened up" by meditating. By that I mean I took some time each day to be in a quiet place, usually with gentle. background music and allowed myself to drift into another state of conscience in which I was able to perceive...

Never Give Up

Whatever your dreams may be do not lose sight of them. Keep focussed and know that when you are it is only a matter of time before they will be realized. All of the universe will conspire to bring to you what you truly wish for but the key is not to keep changing your...