Whatever your`re doing, wherever you may be, it is important to know that you too CAN make a difference. And by doing so you become part of the transformation that is taking place on a global scale as people stand up to the corruption and manipulations of a tiny majority that has pushed humanity over centuries into a prisoner-like existence.

By freeing your mind from media hype and thinking for yourself about the way you truly want to live you join with others in creating a force for change that is gaining momentum. A tsunami is rising that will wash away all that stands in the way of love, peace and harmony for the majority of humankind.

There’s lots you can do, but why not begin each day by considering what it is you would like to achieve? Small goals that are attainable help to keep us motivated. So why not set yourself one? You could cheer someone up by complimenting them on the way they look or how well they do their job. You could drive to work listening to music that helps you stay calm in rush hour traffic. You could take ten minutes out of your busy schedule to close your eyes and sense your energy patterns and give yourself some TLC through thought.

Just do it! There IS time. And the time is NOW!