When I first got involved in spiritualism I “opened up” by meditating. By that I mean I took some time each day to be in a quiet place, usually with gentle, background music and allowed myself to drift into another state of conscience in which I was able to perceive different realities. For me, it was easy. That’s how I started to channel.

However, having led group meditations for many years now, I’ve become aware that for some people the experience of meditating in the way I’ve outlined above can be altogether quite frustrating as they find it impossible to calm their mind in order to enter a state of heightened awareness.

If this happens to you. Don’t worry. Don’t think you’re doing something wrong or that there’s something wrong with you. There isn’t.

We are all as different and as worthy as flowers in a meadow. We don’t all need the same amount of water, nutrients or sun to look beautiful.

You’re beautiful as you are and unique in your own way. So perhaps you don’t need to meditate to open up spiritually. Perhaps you’re already there and just didn’t realize it!

I’m saying this after spending a wonderful, relaxing afternoon with a dear friend who is an artist. She used to get so frustrated with group meditation that I suggested she give it up.

Yet watching her work yesterday in her studio, what I felt was the creative force moving through her into her work and filling the room with amazing energies of pure light.

So, when you’re really into what your’re doing, whether it’s baking a cake, arranging flowers or singing your heart out, just know that you too are connected.