From a spiritual point of view, fear is simply a lack of understanding. But what is it that`s not being understood? If you’re living in fear of your life in a war zone, what knowledge could possibly remove the fear of dying or suffering?

It`s easy to say that we are all actors on a stage and that we are simply playing a part, but what happens when you feel threatened? Usually your body goes into overdrive and your mind becomes a runaway train. So how then do we overcome fear? Just as we are taught to be fearful: of other people, of illness, poverty, failure etc. Can we learn to be fearless?

When I first joined a spiritual circle I was “ordered” to jump in the pool! I could swim reasonably well, but because of an incident in my early childhood I was terrified of jumping in. So that was my first task on the pathway of spiritual development. Overcoming my fear. And I did!

No matter what you’re afraid of, the only way to get over it is by facing your fear. Often inexplicable fears belong to past lives. Once you know what happened, it`s easier to overcome because you have the understanding.

Overcoming a fear can open up a whole new world of experience and can enhance your sense of well-being and self esteem because you no longer feel limited or ashamed.

Spirit always says: the first step is the hardest. Are you ready to take that step? The first step to becoming a fearless light warrior?

If I can do it, you can too. Have no fear.