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Sharing spiritual teachings

Alhana de la Torre was born and educated in Scotland before moving to Andalusia, Spain over 30 years ago.
After a career as a teacher and translator she began an intense process of spiritual transformation when she joined the remarkable spiritualist circle mentioned in Return of Truth.

As well as developing her channeling and healing abilities, after seven years of dedication she was asked by Soul Unity (the group’s spiritual family) to “spread the message well”.

Tis she is now doing with the publication of her book and her willingness to share spiritual teachings in any forum with talks in English and Spanish and participation in spiritual retreats, group meditations and development work focussed on self-empowerment.

Her personal motto is “Never Give Up” and after many lifetimes of service to the Light she is fully committed to the return of Love, Peace and Joy to the Earth in this new Age of Enlightenment.