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Never Give Up

Whatever your dreams may be don’t lose sight of them. Keep focussed and know that when you are it is only a matter of time before they will be realized. All of the universe will conspire to bring to you what you truly wish for, but the key is not to keep changing your mind! I’ve often heard friends complaining that nothing ever works for them, that they’ve tried everything. However, when you ask about what they’re aiming for you realize that the goalposts change every other week. Confusing thought patterns bring confusion into your life. So sort your head out first and take note of the way you are thinking and write down your thoughts so you become aware of how you create your own reality.

I’m reminded  that “dreams come true” when I think of my son. He embarked on a summer “workaway” trip a few years ago, starting in Romania with very little money and not really knowing where he’d go next. His goal was Milan for a megaconcert of his favourite band. From working on a Romanian farm he went to Athens to work in a backpackers hostel after which good fortune, or focussed thinking took him to northern Italy to a spiritual retreat just in time to finish work a few weeks later for that concert of his dreams. He got what he wanted, a front row place at the event of a lifetime. He had to do it alone, but he did it! He did it because he didn’t lose sight of what he wanted and because he trusted that he could.

I’m working with that trust too and accepting that “time” and “patience” are the keys. Just because something doesn’t happen tomorrow doesn’t mean it isn’t going to. I’m often reminded by my guides that my “dish” has been ordered and that it’s simply a case of waiting till it’s brought to me. That doesn’t mean to say you sit forever doing nothing. When you think about it lives are made up of many dreams, some big, some small.  Whilst waiting for the bigger ones to be realized you can get on with the smaller ones, which could simply be going for a walk, enjoying breakfast, meeting with friends, anything that keeps you content and in a good place for positive thinking and creativity.

Yesterday I realized how fortunate I was as I sat, way up high, perched on a rock overlooking the Guadalhorce Valley where I live. Surrounded by beauty and birdsong I wanted for nothing else. The strenuous walk had been well worth it. I’d thought of giving up halfway but pushed on and was rewarded for my efforts. There was noone else around and I truly felt on top of the world. And I still do for I understand that this is my dream come true and just as I realized this one, then my other dreams are on their way too, as long as I still want them and keep space in my thoughts for them to come to fruition.

Hold the light

As a lightbringer, which is the meaning of the name Alhana, I tend not to get involved much in politics or commenting on what’s happening in the world according to mainstream media.

For too long I’ve seen people getting worked into a frenzy by the media’s biased coverage of events, from the supposed threat of refugees on our doorstep to the constant  fear of war, killer diseases or financial disasters.

I prefer to remain within my own “capsule of light”, in which I have access to a vast array of information that is useful to myself, those around me and those for whom I do readings.

From these readings  I’ve come to realize that there are many lightworkers in key areas of our society including education, health and politics. Even in the finance sector, pharmaceutical industry and armed forces there are lightworkers speaking out against corruption and manipulation and can be heard if you tune into the right forums.

Don’t expect the BBC or Sky News to keep you well informed. They are part of the  systems in place to keep people complacent and easy to control.

However, if you are starting to question, wondering why so many are suffering in our world, then know that you are being joined by millions around the globe who are finally awakening and will not be held down any more.

Together we are powerful and from the spirit realms we`ve been assured that we are now unstoppable.

Each and every one of us can make a difference. No matter where you are or what you do, know that you too can be part of the Army of Love that is sweeping away the darkness to bring the Light to ever corner.

So hold on to your light. Don’t be afraid to speak up in defence of whatever you consider important.

We are working for the future of our planet and our children. You are worth it and so are they.




Having difficulty meditating?

When I first got involved in spiritualism I “opened up” by meditating. By that I mean I took some time each day to be in a quiet place, usually with gentle, background music and allowed myself to drift into another state of conscience in which I was able to perceive different realities. For me, it was easy. That’s how I started to channel.

However, having led group meditations for many years now, I’ve become aware that for some people the experience of meditating in the way I’ve outlined above can be altogether quite frustrating as they find it impossible to calm their mind in order to enter a state of heightened awareness.

If this happens to you. Don’t worry. Don’t think you’re doing something wrong or that there’s something wrong with you. There isn’t.

We are all as different and as worthy as flowers in a meadow. We don’t all need the same amount of water, nutrients or sun to look beautiful.

You’re beautiful as you are and unique in your own way. So perhaps you don’t need to meditate to open up spiritually. Perhaps you’re already there and just didn’t realize it!

I’m saying this after spending a wonderful, relaxing afternoon with a dear friend who is an artist. She used to get so frustrated with group meditation that I suggested she give it up.

Yet watching her work yesterday in her studio, what I felt was the creative force moving through her into her work and filling the room with amazing energies of pure light.

So, when you’re really into what your’re doing, whether it’s baking a cake, arranging flowers or singing your heart out, just know that you too are connected.

A little spiritual philosophy from Ashok

I’d like to share some words of wisdom from Ashok, a spirit guide who regularly visited the circle I belonged to and to whom I’m eternally grateful for his assistance in understanding myself better.

From the spirit world it is often said that you must trust. Perhaps it is often not explained that which you must trust. It is not spirit; it is yourself, which of course is spirit. Seek to trust yourselves and to love yourselves. You would say yes, but we have many faults. As do we all. And it is why we seek to learn and to create in ourselves a higher awareness. It is no sin to lack awareness. It just IS a lack of awareness. Love yourselves, be aware of self and then become aware of others and share the love. This is the principle of Soul Unity. Very simple, isn’t it?

Have no fear!

From a spiritual point of view, fear is simply a lack of understanding. But what is it that`s not being understood? If you’re living in fear of your life in a war zone, what knowledge could possibly remove the fear of dying or suffering?

It`s easy to say that we are all actors on a stage and that we are simply playing a part, but what happens when you feel threatened? Usually your body goes into overdrive and your mind becomes a runaway train. So how then do we overcome fear? Just as we are taught to be fearful: of other people, of illness, poverty, failure etc. Can we learn to be fearless?

When I first joined a spiritual circle I was “ordered” to jump in the pool! I could swim reasonably well, but because of an incident in my early childhood I was terrified of jumping in. So that was my first task on the pathway of spiritual development. Overcoming my fear. And I did!

No matter what you’re afraid of, the only way to get over it is by facing your fear. Often inexplicable fears belong to past lives. Once you know what happened, it`s easier to overcome because you have the understanding.

Overcoming a fear can open up a whole new world of experience and can enhance your sense of well-being and self esteem because you no longer feel limited or ashamed.

Spirit always says: the first step is the hardest. Are you ready to take that step? The first step to becoming a fearless light warrior?

If I can do it, you can too. Have no fear.

The time is now

Whatever your`re doing, wherever you may be, it is important to know that you too CAN make a difference. And by doing so you become part of the transformation that is taking place on a global scale as people stand up to the corruption and manipulations of a tiny majority that has pushed humanity over centuries into a prisoner-like existence.

By freeing your mind from media hype and thinking for yourself about the way you truly want to live you join with others in creating a force for change that is gaining momentum. A tsunami is rising that will wash away all that stands in the way of love, peace and harmony for the majority of humankind.

There’s lots you can do, but why not begin each day by considering what it is you would like to achieve? Small goals that are attainable help to keep us motivated. So why not set yourself one? You could cheer someone up by complimenting them on the way they look or how well they do their job. You could drive to work listening to music that helps you stay calm in rush hour traffic. You could take ten minutes out of your busy schedule to close your eyes and sense your energy patterns and give yourself some TLC through thought.

Just do it! There IS time. And the time is NOW!