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Never Give Up

Whatever your dreams may be don’t lose sight of them. Keep focussed and know that when you are it is only a matter of time before they will be realized. All of the universe will conspire to bring to you what you truly wish for, but the key is not to keep changing your mind!

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Hold the light

As a lightbringer, which is the meaning of the name Alhana, I tend not to get involved much in politics or commenting on what’s happening in the world according to mainstream media. For too long I’ve seen people getting worked into a frenzy by the media’s biased coverage of events, from the supposed threat of

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Having difficulty meditating?

When I first got involved in spiritualism I “opened up” by meditating. By that I mean I took some time each day to be in a quiet place, usually with gentle, background music and allowed myself to drift into another state of conscience in which I was able to perceive different realities. For me, it

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A little spiritual philosophy from Ashok

I’d like to share some words of wisdom from Ashok, a spirit guide who regularly visited the circle I belonged to and to whom I’m eternally grateful for his assistance in understanding myself better. From the spirit world it is often said that you must trust. Perhaps it is often not explained that which you

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Have no fear!

From a spiritual point of view, fear is simply a lack of understanding. But what is it that`s not being understood? If you’re living in fear of your life in a war zone, what knowledge could possibly remove the fear of dying or suffering? It`s easy to say that we are all actors on a

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The time is now

Whatever your`re doing, wherever you may be, it is important to know that you too CAN make a difference. And by doing so you become part of the transformation that is taking place on a global scale as people stand up to the corruption and manipulations of a tiny majority that has pushed humanity over

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